US BANK STADIUM MINNESOTA VIKINGSYear two in U.S Bank stadium has certainly been one to remember for the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are 12-3 and are in prime position to lock up a first-round bye in the NFC playoffs.

With a 6-1 home record, this season U.S Bank stadium has become one of the NFL’s most difficult places to play in. This can be attributed to the many different weapons the Vikings have this year.

Their offense has potential for a big gain at a moment’s notice, the suffocating run defense, or their clutch kicking in tight contests, but there is a fourth element that has really come into play this season and can’t be ignored as it has made the Vikings venue one of the hardest to play in in the NFL.

That element is the home-crowd atmosphere, which has definitely positioned itself among the loudest in the league. The crowd gets especially loud and riled up when opposing teams are facing third down situations as they focus on making it hard for opponents to call and execute plays.

The home-field advantage the Vikings have developed in their new venue is something the team will rely on as it’s second to none. The connection between fans and players in Minnesota is strong, it’s something players don’t find in every NFL stadium, creating an intimidating atmosphere each Sunday that can make the team and its fans proud of.

The Vikings improved performance on the field has also increased the number of Vikings fans on the road as they now travel more to support their team as they make their presence known with the SKOL chants.

With the playoffs a week away and the NFC North division title in hand, a playoff game at U.S Bank stadium is a certainty, but as the No. 2 seed, they would have to travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles, who finished with the best record in the conference, in the NFC Championship game.

And even more important, the Vikings are also motivated because this year the Super Bowl will conveniently be played in Minnesota and so far, no NFL team has ever played in the big game in its home stadium.




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