NFL NCAA CoachingThere is much speculation in the press these days over which of the NCAA Head Coaches might possibly be making the transition over to the NFL.  Not everyone agrees that the one is better than the other and there does not appear to be much difference in the salaries paid in college and pro football.  One might ask why a successful college coach would leave the relative comfort of a university campus for the coaching meat grinder which is the NFL.

Currently, Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly is being wooed by several NFL clubs. Kelly has made quite an impression during his tenure with the Ducks projecting them into the national spotlight for the first time in the history of the school.  His innovative offense and up tempo play calling has attracted the attention of NFL owners and front office people across the country. Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly has also caught the eye of the NFL after his undefeated season with the Irish.

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll has been there and done that.  He worked as a collegiate assistant coach from 1973-1983 before moving to the NFL in 1984 with the Bills and finally being elevated to head coach of the New England Patriots in 1997 replacing Bill Parcells.  He was hired by USC in 2000 and had a great run there only leaving in the wake of the sanctions placed on the school after the famous Reggie Bush scandal.

Carroll took the job as Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks IN 2010 and in 2012, along with rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, has led the Seahawks to an 11-5 season and a playoff berth.

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban has had NFL teams lining up to solicit his interest in coaching again in the NFL.  Saban left LSU in 2004 after 4 seasons with the Tigers and went to Miami to coach for the Dolphins.  After 2 unsuccessful seasons in Miami, Saban returned to the college ranks as the coach of the Crimson Tide.

Saban has rebuffed all NFL offers saying, “I have no unfinished business in the NFL, it’s not something I want to do…….and why should he?

Saban makes over 5 million dollars a year at Alabama and one can only wonder as to the perks provided by the alumni association!

It comes down to this; a head coach of an NFL team is the boss while the head coach of a great college program is a king.


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