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On May 5, 2016, in Sporting News, by admin

F1The powers who run the Formula 1 move fast, aware that the current format abhorred by onlookers and restless, as they are, with the danger that other competitions begin to overshadow the automotive event par excellence. The crux of the matter is to strike a balance between attractive races in the unskilled amateur eyes or casual fan and at the same time, can be addressed from assumable budgets by less economically muscular teams. Getting to this point is not easy given the level of development of the hybrid current thrusters, the main axis of discussions this weekend are being held in Sochi technology.

On Friday, manufacture houses Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda reached an agreement with views coming in on the price that the customer teams must pay the factories to employ their engines per year. Currently, using them costs annually about 20 million euros, a figure that will be reduced by one million in 2017, and another three million in 2018. To carry out this measure, the number of units available (currently five) will be reduced over the courses, and the aim is that, with a 2018 in view, each structure must face the tournament with a maximum of three. “What we have done is introduce a market price, although agreements of each are different. In the case of Manor, for example, his contract with Mercedes also includes Pascal Wehrlein. “

This is the answer to the covenant that months ago was set by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the promoter of the circuits (FOM), the threat of the FIA and FOM to approve the arrival on the scene of an independent motor much cheaper than the current ones. So, this new game board should also encourage a little more today that equality is absent, depending on parameters that will affect the performance of the prototypes. Apart from this, the system wildcards (known as tokens) established so far to limit the development of engines along the season will be remembered as 2016 comes to an end.

The teams, moreover, have pledged to seek solutions to enhance the sound of the power units, and this whole package of changes will be combined with other aerodynamic nature, which roughly will make the cars incorporate larger flaps and wider wheels , elements that will increase their consumption. Theoretically, all these changes will make the cars faster in cornering but at the same time, consume more, especially on the straights, circumstances that cause the limit of 100 kilos of fuel will be increased by 5%.


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