A-Rod’s Stock Is Falling Fast

On March 6, 2013, in Sporting News, by admin

Alex RodriguezSomeone should consider putting up a prop, “Will Alex Rodriguez ever play baseball again?”  It’s a legitimate question.  The guy is under fire from many directions already and now we have an exposé naming the Rodriquez Family Charity in possible fraud charges involving lots of donated money.

Remember when A-Rod played with the Mariners and was generally considered the best all around short stop playing the game at that time and an all around admirable guy?  He had the world by the short hairs with no place to go except up… right? Well, maybe not… somehow he seems to have found something he liked better.  Just what the hell that is… fans & writers alike would surely love to know.   He already had all the money that anyone could ever need… and more.

When an athlete is widely acknowledged to be one of the tops in the game, why would he turn to performance enhancing drugs that he knows good & well are frowned on by MLB, and the public in general. Along with the PED stories, Rodriquez has repeatedly made the tabloids across the country as a womanizer and all around spoiled playboy type.  Add to that his declining performance and his apparent lack of interest to live up to his own hype… along with his blatant lack of sportsmanship on the field… and you begin to wonder if A-Rod will ever see a professional baseball diamond again.

Although making a record breaking salary to play for the Yankees, A Rod played poorly in 2012 and his record at the plate was abysmal. Rodriguez had surgery on his left hip January 16, 2013, and is expected to be sidelined until at least the beginning of the next baseball season and then we will see how it goes.

Sports Illustrated came out with a story not long ago taking a look at the 2006 tax returns for the A-Rod Family Foundation.  It seems the foundation took in $403,862 in donations but somehow or another only managed to pass $5,090 along to the needy folks it claimed to be set up to help. Their tax free status was repealed by the IRS in 2007 but their web site still states that they are a tax free charity.

How would you feel having donated your hard earned money because this guy is some kind of a national hero and you truly believed that he was helping people in need with your contribution?  I would feel a little dumb…..and a lot more angry.


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