San francisco 49ersThe Bears come with an interesting rhythm, beating big names like the Packers or marginal rivals like the Rams and Chargers, and this time they had a simple duel, at least on paper, but failed to meet the forecast. The Niners took the field trying to dominate the game and keep the little pride they have left and took a surprise victory.

To the surprise of most, running back Shaun Draughn was a good contract for the 49ers. He has received almost all the work since he joined the team, and in that time has amassed 182 rushing yards and 163 passing yards.

What brought the 49ers to Torrey Smith? The answer is to stretch the field, to use his speed and to catch those long passes. Until now, they had not consistently achieved that extra stretch. One of his receptions made the game, when the Niners were in overtime and used Smith on a long route. Gabbert realized that Torrey was all alone and sent a 71 yard pass to seal the game. Smith finally served his purpose.

Gabbert managed a long 44 yard touchdown, in a play where he saw the pocket wide open. He used the space to run and achieved the elusiveness and explosive annotation. He is not known for his great ability to run, but we could see there that he has that ability and should use it more often, especially to get rid of any coverage.

Cutler had played well in recent games, but above all he managed to be very efficient in general. Unlike previous games, he could never be comfortable in this game. For example, he threw the ball 12 times to Alshon Jeffery, who only managed four receptions. Much of this was for the quality of those passes, and this resulted in a bad game in general for all the offensive.

Although Langford was doing a great job for the Bears, Matt Forte is also important to them. he is the veteran who makes big plays, and a leader for the offense on the field. This time he amassed 84 yards and a touchdown rushing and 39 yards receiving.


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