NFL NCAA PropsFor your players looking for something to add a little rooting interest to both College and Pro Football games with one solo wager, along comes the Greek to satisfy that peculiar itch by offering matchup props involving one college football team against one NFL team.

The majority of the matchups being offered are determined by region so as to pique the interest of local players.  The University of Texas and the Dallas Cowboys for instance.  It might sound silly to some bettors but the Greek is expecting to see some pretty good action on these crossover types of props.

Once they decided which teams to offer, the setting of the odds was probably just a matter of applying the same information about the teams and players used to set the regular odds and props. However, it is a neat way to combine two different opinions if a player happens to like one college team a lot while holding a low opinion of the NFL team involved.

Here is a look at all 51 props posted by the Greek at the end of July.

Alabama +1 vs. 49ers Oklahoma -0.5 vs. Cowboys
Alabama +1 vs. Broncos Oklahoma +2 vs. Texans
Alabama +0.5 vs. Patriots Oklahoma State -0.5 vs. Cowboys
Clemson -2.5 vs. Panthers Oklahoma State +1 vs. Texans
Clemson +1 vs. Texans Oregon +1 vs. 49ers
Florida -1.5 vs. Buccaneers Oregon +1 vs. Broncos
Florida -1 vs. Dolphins Oregon -1 vs. Seahawks
Florida State -2.5 vs. Buccaneers Pittsburgh +2 vs. Eagles
Florida State -2 vs. Dolphins Pittsburgh +3 vs. Steelers
Iowa +2 vs. Rams Stanford +2 vs. 49ers
LSU +1 vs. Falcons Stanford +1 vs. Seahawks
LSU +1 vs. Saints Tennessee +1 vs. Titans
LSU +1 vs. Texans Texas -1 vs. Cowboys
Miami FL -1.5 vs. Buccaneers Texas +1 vs. Texans
Miami FL -1 vs. Dolphins Texas A&M -1 vs. Cowboys
Michigan -0.5 vs. Bears Texas A&M +1 vs. Texans
Michigan -1 vs. Lions UCLA +1 vs. Chargers
Michigan +2 vs. Texans UCLA +3.5 vs. Seahawks
Michigan State -0.5 vs. Bears USC -2 vs. Chargers
Michigan State -1 vs. Lions USC +1 vs. Seahawks
Michigan State +2 vs. Texans Virginia Tech -0.5 vs. Ravens
Notre Dame -1 vs. Colts Virginia Tech -1 vs. Redskins
Notre Dame +1.5 vs. Packers Virginia Tech +2 vs. Texans
Ohio State -2.5 vs. Bengals Wisconsin +1 vs. Packers
Ohio State -5 vs. Browns Wisconsin -1.5 vs. Vikings
Ohio State -1 vs. Texans

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