NFLEven though it is still spring time and the basketball and hockey playoffs are still pretty present yet, the guru handicappers out in Las Vegas have already posted projected win totals for each of the 32 teams in the NFL for the entire season. Bettors are now able to place wagers based on these numbers even though most of them will be changing before game time.

Here is how it works. These early numbers put up by the oddsmakers are the predicted number of total wins for each team next season.  Bettors will be wagering on whether that number will go ‘over or under’ the posted prediction.  Depending on which team is favored in the contest, the price of the wager will vary and be expressed in terms of + or – figures.

Over and Under wagers are based on a $100 bet.  Teams with a minus number are the favorites and teams with a plus number are the underdogs. If wagering on a team that is +115 (a dog), the winning bet would bring home $115 for every $100 wagered.  On the other hand, wagering on a team with a minus number like -135, (the favorite), will cost the bettor $135 to win $100.

Let’s take a look at the early numbers that the Las Vegas handicappers think will be the results of next seasons NFL games.  Look them over, find one you like and get your wager down before the numbers begin to change.

The New York Giants – 9 wins – (O Even / U-120)
The Dallas Cowboys – 8.5 wins – (O+135 / U-115)
The Washington Redskins – 8 wins – (O-110 / U-110)
The Philadelphia Eagles – 7 wins – (O-110 / U -110)
The Green Bay Packers – 10 wins – (O-110 / U-110)
The Chicago Bears – 8.5 wins – (O-120 / U Even)
The Minnesota Vikings – 7.5 wins – (O-110 / U-110)
The Detroit Lions – 7.5 wins – (O-110 / U-110)
The Atlanta Falcons – 10 wins – (O+110 / U-130)
The New Orleans Saints – 9 wins – (O-120 / U Even)
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 7.5 wins – (O-140 / U+120)
The Carolina Panthers – 7 wins – (O-110 / U-110)
The San Francisco 49ers – 11.5 wins – (O+105 / U-125)
The Seattle Seahawks – 10.5 wins – (O+110 / U-110)
The St. Louis Rams – 7.5 wins – (O+120 / U-140)
The Arizona Cardinals – 7.5 wins – (O+135 / U-115)

Good Luck & Have Fun!


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