Notre DameIt is strictly speculation at this point of course, but one online bookmaker, BOVADA has put up odds on the hypothetical matchups of the BCS number one ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish verses the top 6 teams in the SEC.  The surprise came when Notre Dame came out as the dog with 5 of the 6 teams.

There is no doubt that Notre Dame has had a great season and fully deserves the national spotlight that they are enjoying at this point.  They stand undefeated at 12 -0. They have had some close games, some lucky games and some nail biting comebacks to go undefeated, but they did it.

The only other team in the top 25 to remain undefeated is Urban Meyers’ Ohio State Buckeyes, but they are not bowl eligible this year and do not even show up in the BCS Standings.  So, the Fighting Irish will play for the national championship on January 7 in Miami, but against what team?

The SEC has dominated the BCS Title games for the past six years now.

Alabama, last years’ champs, started the season as #1 and remained there until they were upset by SEC newcomer Texas A&M at home on November 10.  However, the Crimson Tide did not drop far in the polls and are now back to #2 and nipping at the heels of the Irish.  There are 6 SEC teams in the final top 10 BCS Standings for 2012.  They include the Georgia Bulldogs at 11-1 who will now face Alabama at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Saturday December 1 for the championship of the SEC.  Las Vegas bookmakers are making the “Dawgs” a 7 point dog for this game. The winner will likely face Notre Dame in the BCS trophy game.  Avid SEC fans will tell you that there is just now way that Notre Dame will be able to beat Alabama and the oddsmakers so far seem to agree.

BOVADA has gone so far as to post odds for Notre Dame vs. the top six teams in the SEC.  They are as follows:

Notre Dame vs. Alabama  -9.5

Notre Dame vs. Georgia   -3

Notre Dame vs. Florida   -1.5

Notre Dame vs. LSU      -3

Notre Dame vs. Texas A&M    -3.5

Notre Dame vs. South Carolina   +3.5

Of course, this is all just interesting speculation.  But odds makers and bettors alike seem to enjoy setting up wagering odds, even for games that will never be played.


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