MLB Free AgencyYes it’s that time of the year as free agency frenzy has taken once again over Major League baseball!

You can expect the rumor mill to be very busy as some of today’s biggest MLB superstars will possibly be on the move. As with just about everything that happens on the MLB trading block at this time each year bookies must measure the cause and effect of what could be some blockbuster trades. Experts are predicting some major moves that could drastically affect the overall MLB future betting odds. Sports bookies will also need to pay close attention and continuously be ready to make adjustments on the fly to specific wagering options such as MLB future odds to win the divisions as well as odds to win the World Series.

Here is a list of top prospect that could very well be on the move and their trades will indeed affect future MLB betting odds;

  • Josh Hamilton: Josh is arguably one of the most gifted players to ever play the game but his off the field demons have always been his Achilles heel. There is no doubt no matter where he lands he will have a huge impact on the team as long as those demons stay in check!

Early prediction: The Seattle Mariners will be one of the teams in the hunt!

  • Zack Greinke; Zach wasted most of his early pitching days for the most part of his career with the Kansas City Royal until last year when he was picked up by the Angels. Any team interested in bolstering their pitching staff will indeed take a look at Zach who is only 28 years old and already has a Cy Young Award to his credit!

Early prediction: The Free Spending Texas Rangers may be willing to pay the price!

  • Nick Swisher: Nick has already worn out his welcome in New York this combined with the Yankees desire to cut their overall payroll probably means you won’t see fisher swisher in the pinstripes next year!

Early prediction: The Philadelphia Phillies might be the perfect spot for Swisher!

  • Rafael Soriano: When Mario Rivera came down with a torn ACL, Rafael Soriano stepped up and did a stellar job and converted 42 of 46 save opportunities with a respectable 2.26 ERA.

Early prediction: For the Chicago White Sox, Soriano might just be exactly what the doctor ordered!

  • Ryan Ludwick: A real surprise in the post season Ludwick played solid ball for the Cincinnati Reds in 2012 and belted 26 home runs!

Early prediction: We think that the Cincinnati Reds will match most any offer Ludwick may receive as he tests the free agency market!


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