Betting, a Socially Acceptable HobbyIn the past, when people thought of sports betting, they thought of it as some shady, illegal activity that was only supported by hardened criminals hanging out in the back of smoky bars or on street corners in not-so-nice neighborhoods. Nowadays, though, thanks in large part to internet betting, which has made gambling much more widespread, bookies and all those involved in the gambling industry are enjoying much more credibility among the general public. Now, for the most part, a bookie is looked at as a professional, rather than just someone who engages in illegal activities.

It’s not just the popularity of internet betting that has caused sports betting to become more popular and more socially acceptable though. It wasn’t even one particular bookie who stepped up and changed the way people see the industry. Instead, it was more just a shift toward being more accepting. Today, it is not at all uncommon to see popular sports personalities or even sports broadcasters mention or even outright discuss the Vegas line. Such professionals frequently comment on and predict the outcome of future games, even though they realize this will likely have an influence on people and encourage them to place bets.

While the big newspapers and online publications rarely come right out and encourage sports betting, many of them do so in a roundabout kind of way. It is not at all uncommon to flip open a sports magazine or pick up the newspaper and find spreads, stats, and totals staring back at you. Some publications even publish money lines for various games. Outside of the media, though, regularly everyday people are getting more comfortable with the idea of placing bets and wagers.

It is not uncommon to look over a co-worker’s shoulder at work and see him or her engaging in internet betting or casino play. In fact, no one really blinks an eye when this goes on. Likewise, friends and co-workers are frequently known to place small wagers with one another.  Evidence of this can be found all over media like television shows and movies. “Friends” in the media are always placing bets and competing against one another, just like they do in real life. The truth of the matter is that gambling and sports betting are common things now, not anything to be ashamed of or to try and hide.


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