Pay Per Head ReviewsWith so many pay per head services to choose from online bookies are in the driver’s seat when it comes to picking and choosing as to which per head service will suit their needs best. Internet bookies that are in the know also happen to have an ace in the hole which can always help them with their quest to find the best pay per head service and that is by using pph sportsbook information sites like pph reviews & pph ratings sites.

There are many pay per head review sites to choose from that will give bookies all the vital information as well as the pros & cons on available offshore bookie services. Most pay per head services operate based on a pay per player basis and their prices range anywhere from $7 up to $25 per player per week, or per head as it is commonly referred to as.

The drastic differences in prices can be confusing new online bookies.  One might think that just because a pay per head service is charging a very low price that it must the deal of the century. Or on the other end of the spectrum just because a place is charging a higher than average price per head fee of something like $25 that it must be a rip off. Bookies who due their due diligence by using a pph reviews sites as a guide know that the real fact of the matter lies somewhere in between!

Bookies should not go in search of a pay per head service basing their initial or final decision of what per head service to choose solely on price. At the end of the day a online bookie should make the decision based more on the quality of service.

Look at it this way every business has its fixed operating costs and pay per head services are no different. They must have an office building to do business from within a gaming friendly location such as Costa Rica. They must invest heavily in their internal infrastructure on hardware, software, telephone systems, security systems, generators….the list goes on and on! This in addition to security systems to make sure that your data is always safe and secure.

In order to be competitive within the industry they must hire the best of the best all English speaking support staff as well as a seasoned line and risk management staff as well as competent wagering staff. A good pay per head review or pay per head ratings site will do all of these types of service checks for you but there is nothing more telling than you actually getting your feet wet with a complete pph demo of what a bookie service has to offer.

The most important first question to ask is how long have you been in business? In the pay per head industry the longer the better!


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