How Not To Lose Good Players

On August 9, 2013, in Bookie Advice, by admin

Lines Room Call CenterIf you are a local bookie who has had a steady clientele for years but now find yourself losing players, it will be worth your while to check into working with a price per head service company and join the many other bookies just like yourself who have made the move to PPH service and would never consider going back.

There are good reasons for this. Bookmakers have commented that changing over to a quality price per head service has changed their lives… and for the better.  One long time local bookie told a buddy that by working with his new PPH Service, he might even have a chance to see his kids this football season!

Players these days are looking for a high quality option to wagering. Bettors are becoming more and more savvy about betting and more and more demanding. Second best will no longer do. They want an easy to use, friendly and, most of all, a dependable service that won’t disappear on them during a big NFL Sunday.

So, if you have noticed that some of your long time players are drifting off on you and giving you less and less action that could be the cause. They are looking for a better service than what you have been offering.

When a local bookie works with a good PPH Service company, he or she can offer his bettors any of the wagering options offered by the major offshore sportsbooks… and your players can access those options 24/7/365.  This cannot help but increase your overall volume and eventually your bottom line.

As a matter of fact, working with a quality price per head company can actually increase your weekly hold percentage because of the hands on attention to your account by experienced PPH agents whose purpose is to work with the bookmaker so as to maximize his profits while minimizing his work load… and risks.

Remember, even though you work long hours, the call center offered by the PPH Service is open all day and all night so that your players will be able to speak directly with a friendly, knowledgeable agent who will take their wagers and help them through any problems that they might encounter… however, at the end of the day, the price per head service works for you, the professional bookmaker.

Another huge advantage of working with a good PPH company is that all of that pesky bookwork is now taken care of for you by the service.  That’s right, throw away that incriminating little black book and access your records and action via a secure page on the Internet.  What could be easier?


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