Lines Room Call CenterIf you have been considering trying your hand at being a local bookmaker there is expert help available to get up and running on the right foot. Being a bookie can be fun and profitable if properly done and there are literally thousands of small-time, local bookmakers working in the USA today.

Players these days are looking for a quality, dependable service being offered by a local guy that they know and trust.  No one wants to worry about whether or not they will be getting paid when they win. That’s one of the reasons that players have stopped sending money offshore to post-up accounts.

Fortunately for bookies and bettors alike, there has evolved a service known in the industry as price per head companies which provide the local bookmaker with all of the tools that he or she requires to set up and run a bookie business that is able to offer any of the wagering options offered by the big offshore sportsbooks.

So if you are that person at the sportsbar that always knows the lines and who has earned the trust and respect of potential bettors, then give it a shot.  You might just like it! But be careful, being a local bookie requires walking a shadowy line between being that out-and-about social guy and keeping a low profile so as not to call any unnecessary attention to yourself.

A quality price per head service will provide today’s modern bookmaker and his clients with full-on access to world-wide sportsbook action at any time of the day or night via the Internet or by calling a toll free number to place wager with a knowledgeable and helpful English speaking operator.

The best of these PPH Service Companies are located down in Costa Rica where wagering on sports has always been legal and licensed.  Therefore, when your players call down to place a bet, they are calling into a jurisdiction where sports betting is OK…same with the Internet.  All action happens on the servers belonging to the PPH Company and not in your back room.

Of course the most important factor to consider when selecting the right PPH Service Company is the service itself.  All PPH Companies are not created equal.  Look for one that has been in business for awhile and one with which you yourself are satisfied will take care of your clients in a professional manner.


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