Per Head PricingIt’s that time of the year again. The NBA and the NHL Finals are over with and this year’s champions have been crowned. Bookies across the land are enjoying an unprecedented handle on the World Cup action from Brazil, but FIFA will soon be naming the winners of their competitions for 2014 as well.

This is usually the time of year when savvy bookmakers who are looking to make a significant upgrade in their price per head service go ahead and make their moves over the summer so that when the NFL rolls around once again, everything will be running smoothly and ready for action.

If you’ve been doing this for awhile you are very aware that being on top of the trends is the smart way to go. Proper preparation is, once again, the smart way to go.  Waiting until the week before football kicks off will most likely find you making an important move under unnecessary pressure and a time line.

Avoid both by getting started early making your move to a better service. As you have already found out, all price per head services are not created equal. A few of the good ones that founded the pph industry back in the late 90’s are still in business and still working with many of the same clients.

Check around and find yourself a company that has been doing business for over ten years or so. If they are still going strong today, they must be doing something right. Experienced agents will be there to answer your questions and to explain to you just what it is that a first class price per head service company can do for you, and for your business. 

Another advantage in getting started during the summer months when sports wagering is at its lowest ebb for the year is that most good pph services will actually give you a week or two of free service just to get you started on the right foot. The bookmaker can load players onto the new service a few at a time if that is more comfortable and there will never be any need to hurry the process.

So give it some thought. Players these days are demanding a high quality, easy to access wagering experience. If your current shop is not providing that to thefullest, check out the options available at this time of the year and get started working with the best available service this summer.


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