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On January 25, 2012, in Bookie Advice, by admin

Bookie Tips: Wise GuysEvery year bookmakers find their players getting smarter and smarter and many are overwhelmed with trying to keep track of late line moves and insider information that’s giving players the edge. The internet is swarming with sportsbetting information sites and live line services that more and more gamblers are tapping into. Many of the sites give their services away for free but even those who charge make it easy for recreational bettors to suddenly turn into the second coming of Lefty Rosenthal.

For over 100 years local bookies could get their lines from a newspaper or similar source, tweak them for their particular players and proceed with the business of taking bets without having to worry about getting picked off. If there was inside information to be had the bookie was the one who usually got it first.

In the early 80s gamblers like Billy Walters started the computer revolution. His Computer Group cronies took down millions in winning wagers before infighting and the FBI caused them to disband. In today’s hyper connected world it seems like every gambler is his own little computer group where line moves happen at light speed and inside information spread’s like wild fire. It has never been more demanding for bookmakers to make their living in the sportsbetting markets.

Bookie Solutions for Outsourced Wagering Services

Due to the unprecedented access that players have to sports betting information many bookies are turning to professional offshore pay per head services. PPH service offices have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art computer software and communications systems and employee hundreds of the sharpest line movers in the world. There is virtually no difference between the sportsbooks in Las Vegas and the sportsbooks now scattered across San Jose Costa Rica.

Bookmakers benefit from the fact that they are part of a player management service that is booking the sharpest action from wise guys around the world. Because of the action coming in from someone else’s players the lines are adjusted before the general betting public has a chance to pick them off. So before you hang up your ledger and call it quits, make some calls to the offshore pay per head offices and find one that’s right for you. For one low weekly price per player you will have the resources of professional sportsbook operation at your disposal.


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